Soweto Spiritual Singers

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  Soweto Spiritual Singers is a 24 strong vocal ensemble, accompanied by a 6-piece band, dancers and drummers (African Drums). A very versatile group that can be at home with non-musical instruments performance, as is with musical instruments.
Their Music is truly inspirational, a shout of Joy, a towering onslaught of exuberance with earthy rhythms, rich harmonies to uplift the soul.


Soweto Spiritual Singers is founded by Nkululeko Vilakazi, Vicky Vilakazi. To celebrate the diverse Spiritual persuasions as experienced by normal South African, drawing their harmonies and musical arrangements from Traditional African orthodox and modern global influence of 4 part harmony as introduced to by Western Missionaries.In their 90 minute journey they also explore on the African-American influence into our today’s style of worship and the Diaspora.

As an Internationally sought after Choral outfit we have incorporated non- Spiritual repertoire in our Music to add more social conscience sounds and inspirational tunes like (Something inside so Strong,), This is evident in our Collaboration on recording and performing the song “Sign of a Victory” with Multi-Grammy Award winner R. Kelly performing with him at the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA 2012 Soccer World Cup.


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